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Friday, March 10, 2017

Defensive End Andre Branch

(What was the biggest reason that the deal was able to get done?) – “Since I got to Miami, it felt like a family-based organization and I haven’t felt that since college … The fit was just right. We’ve got some unfinished business here down in Miami and I want to be a part of that.”

(I assume there were other teams involved. I know you won’t probably want to say specifically who, but how many teams are in the mix and was there one that was close to Miami and Miami won out because of your familiarity with them?) – “There were quite a few. There were quite a few but I’m very happy to be a Dolphin and I’m very happy to continue playing with my teammates and my brothers.”

(How does this contract impact your life?) – “I talked to my financial guy. I was like, ‘So what different can I do?’ He was like, ‘Um, you really don’t spend money on anything but fashion and food.’ Other than that, I might just eat out a little bit more and buy another item per month, but other than that I’m living a good life already. The only way it’s going to impact is … This contract was for my mother. I’m able to take care of her and give her what she wants. She’ll tell you she doesn’t want anything but I guess I can spoil her now.”

(I’m sure you’ve paid attention to all of the moves the Dolphins have made. A) Are you aware of it? And B) If so, how excited are you to have this talent infusion on defense? You guys obviously at the end of last year were down a bunch of bodies. Now it seems like you’re stocked up.) – “I’ve been noticing the (additions) on the offensive and defensive side. I’ve got my brothers back in Reshad (Jones) and I’ve got Kenny (Stills) back on offense. So for me, it’s awesome we added some key pieces. With the depth now, it should be a very, very good season.”

(What do you believe your ceiling as a player is?) – “I’m just getting started. I didn’t start until Week 7 (last year). So with me, I’m just going to go out there and give it my all and continue to grind and continue to be the best player that I can be to help this team win.”

(NFL fans and NFL media, they judge players who make more money in a certain way. Have you thought about how, now that you make more money, that might view or impact the way that your performance is judged and viewed?) – “At the end of the day, I play for my teammates and my coaches and fans. For me, I’m going to go out there like I’ve done since I stepped in the league and give it my all. Nothing is going to change, that’s for sure. I feel like I have a lot of unfinished business to handle. I know what (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase wants out of me and I know what I’m going to give this team, and that’s going to be my best each and every day. Outside of that, I don’t really know what they say.”

(Do you have any professional goals? Pro Bowl, 10 sacks, anything like that, that you now want to go out and get?) – “I have a ton of goals. I actually set these goals last year and the list has changed now, but I’m not going to say those goals. I’ll let you know at the end of the season if I hit those goals. I think you’ll know if I hit them or not. (laughter)”

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