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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tight End Anthony Fasano

(How expected was this for you? Did this come out of the blue or was this something you were thinking about?) – “It materialized pretty quickly for me. I always knew there was some interest but different dominoes fell different ways for a couple of different teams. It ended up working out for a great situation for myself.”

(I think Pro Football Focus rated you as the best run blocking tight end in the entire NFL last year. How would you describe why you’re an effective run blocker and how important it is to you?) – “I think it’s an important part of the position – somewhat of a lost art in the NFL nowadays – so it’s something I take great pride in. I do believe to be a good football team you need to be a good running team, and good running teams have good blocking tight ends. It takes everybody on the field on offense, but I take pride in my run blocking. I’m not too up on who keeps those stats but I’ll take them where I can get them.”

(How important was it for you to come back to this organization after the five years you spent here before?) – “It definitely weighed heavy on me when making the decision. I never had ill feelings when I left. I always followed and rooted for them and the guys that I knew on the team. I still live in South Florida during the offseasons. It was a great fit and I look forward to getting to work here.”

(What do you know about Head Coach Adam Gase and how you will fit into his offense?) – “We’re just starting to get to know each other personally. I knew about him just from news around the league and talking to different buddies around the league. I’ve heard all great things and look forward to getting to know him more personally. He’s always had success wherever he’s been. He’s kind of known quietly as the quarterback whisperer. I look forward to getting involved in the offense and picking it up quickly.”

(You were with QB Ryan Tannehill for a year, I believe. What’s your guys’ relationship?) – “We’re still great friends off the field (and) always stay in touch during the season, just checking in on each other. I’ve always been a big fan of him. He was a great teammate for the year that we were teammates and he continues to be a great friend. He was another reason – another decision factor – on why I came back. I really believe in him and the prospects for this team.”

(You said you followed him and followed the Dolphins for the past few years. Have you seen a big change from QB Ryan Tannehill dating back to when you guys were teammates?) – “Yes, I have. Don’t get me wrong, I thought he had a great rookie year when I was here, as well. I had high expectations for him then and he’s just continued to meet them. I look forward to tying to help him out and accomplish our goals together.”

(How would you describe kind of where you are in your career and how would you like your career to end?) – “I’m searching for a playoff run and an opportunity to win the Super Bowl. That’s where I’m at in my career. I’m going into my 12th year and I’m not really concerned about stats or this, that and the other thing. I just want to make a playoff run and get a chance to win a Super Bowl ring.”

(I don’t know how much of a chance you’ve had to study TE Julius Thomas’ game, but what do you know about him?) – “I don’t know much. I know he’s had tremendous success in his career so far. We played in the same division in Jacksonville the last couple of years; but again, I’m looking forward to getting to know him well too. I’ve heard all positive things.”

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