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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wide Receiver Isaiah Ford

(What’s been the most eye-opening thing right now? I know you’ve only been here for 48 hours or whatever but your first impressions and the most eye opening thing?) – “I’ve been really excited with the whole process. Really, this whole thing is more so an orientation for us. So it’s kind of just coming in and learning how they operate here and just fitting in and being open to everything.”

(What areas do you feel you can help this team?) – “Whatever the coaching staff decides that they want me to play. I’m coming in here to compete and work as hard as I can, and try to help this team win games any way that I can.”

(What is the best advice that you’ve gotten so far from other receivers or other veterans on the team, if you’ve had the chance to speak with them?) – “I actually haven’t gotten a chance to speak with them yet.”

(What do you consider to be your strengths and what do you think you need to work on the most?) – “I think that one of the strengths of my game is my route running. That’s something that I take a lot of pride in, paying attention to the little details, especially in this game. Getting open is a gift. If that’s something that you can do, then you can play for a long time. That and just making a play. When the plays present themselves, I’ve always been kind of dependable and reliable in that sense.”

(What do you think of the parts of the offense that you’ve seen so far? Is it anywhere close to what was being run at Virginia Tech?) – “My freshman and sophomore year, we had more of a pro-style system. So it’s kind of closer to the system we ran my freshman and sophomore year; but not close to the one we ran last year, no.”

(What were your initial impressions of Head Coach Adam Gase and his personality and his style?) – “I liked him. I liked it a lot. When the first meeting that we had, he came in and he told us it doesn’t matter if you were drafted first round, seventh round or undrafted, we’re going to play the best players. And if you do your job, if you’re accountable and we can rely on you, then you’ll play.”

(Do you have any special teams experience?) – “I don’t. In high school, I returned punts. In college, my freshman year, I was going to return punts but we had a pretty good returner as well. So I always backed up the punt returners. I never got anything in college, but I’ve always been open to it.”

(Was there any thought in your mind that at that point in the draft where you went that you were thinking ‘Maybe I should be undrafted and make my own decisions as to where I go?’) – “No, not at all. To be drafted, no matter when you were drafted, it’s a blessing. That’s something that every little kid dreams of, having that moment when your phone rings. To think about going undrafted – or saying no to a phone call or anything like that – never came into my mind because I always felt like all I needed was an opportunity to get my foot in the door, and then I knew I was going to work my tail off.”

(How would you describe your game? Is it comparable to any of the current players, current receivers that we have on the Dolphins roster?) – “I don’t want to compare myself to anyone. I think I have a unique game in my own. I’ve always tried to implement and pick parts of things that I like in other people’s game. But I think I have my own game, I guess.”

(One of our anchors is a Hokie so he watched every down. He says you were a steal in the seventh round. He expects big things from you. What do you expect?) – “I expect to come in, to compete and to work as hard as I can. My work ethic is something that I’ve always taken a lot of pride in because I think that’s something that can’t be graded, like a 40-yard dash or a vertical, something like that. You can’t judge work ethic. You can’t judge heart, as well. So those are the two things I pride myself in and that’s what I want to give this organization.”

(Have you played against CB Cordrea Tankersley?) – “I did actually. We played them. He was to the field the majority of the game and in college, I played on the boundary the majority of the game. But I went against him a couple of plays.”

(How did it go? Do you remember anything significant about that?) – “Nothing significant. I had a couple catches. He had a pass deflection as well, so I remember that.”

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