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Monday, January 9, 2017

Center Mike Pouncey

(Talk about the year from your perspective with your injuries and everything else.) – “It was a tough year but I’m just proud of the guys the way the season turned out. I felt like the way we started off was real slow and we got a chance to get going and prove a lot of people wrong and kind of change the culture around here. It was good to be around. It was our first playoff game in my career and it was just great to be out there. The atmosphere was crazy and it was just an unbelievable feeling.”

(Do you feel like the year was a success?) – “I do. I do feel like this season was definitely a success. Obviously we didn’t win a championship like our goals were set to; but this … We’ve been dying for a long time to get in the playoffs and it was just a good feeling to be there.”

(Compared to past offseasons, how much do you feel like the arrow is pointed upward? Talk about the future of this team and what it’s like compared to previous ones?) – “I think it was great. We started over. We got new coaches in and they did a great job with us this year. We played together as a football team throughout the whole year, no matter whether we were at our lowest or at our highest. We stayed together, stick the course. We had a lot of guys step up and play that were unexpected and played great. It was good to see.”

(How about the confidence going forward? Do you feel that…) – “It will be good. We’ll be in this program for two years now. We’ll get to work on different things that we couldn’t work on last year. We were trying to basically just learn the offense. It would be good to know it now and then kind of work the ins and outs of it.”

(What is this day like today as opposed to in seasons past, leaving here?) – “It’s always tough ending the season, because we’re going to be sitting at home on the weekend and watching other teams play for championships. It’s going to be real tough, but the camaraderie that we built on this football team – the togetherness that we have on this football team – it sucks seeing everybody having to separate and go their different ways. Even though the season didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, there is a lot of stuff to be proud of this season.”

(What’s your level of confidence that you can get out there in July, be healthy and stay healthy?) – “Injuries happen. It’s a part of this game. But I feel great right now. I know I’m healthy. I’ll be healthy in a minute or so. It was tough the way the season played out for me. I didn’t expect it to go that way and no one ever does, but I got to see this thing from a different perspective and watch these guys work and it was just amazing to see. I’m proud of this team for sticking with me. I’ll try to stay as healthy as I can next year. I’m ready for this season, ready for this offseason. I’m going to attack it just like I do any other offseason to be the best player I can be possibly and I just can’t wait to get started back.”

(How frustrating was it for you yesterday knowing that you couldn’t be out there?) – “I got over it. I wasn’t really worried about it yesterday. Yesterday I was just trying to be there for the guys when they were going out on the football field and just being out there, seeing the way they were inside of the locker room before the game, the way they played. It was exciting to see. It was something different – nothing I had ever experienced before in the National Football League. I was just happy to be a part of it.”

(But you’re optimistic you still have a lot of good football left?)  – “I’m not retiring until 10 years. Trust me. (laughter)”

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