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Sunday, November 27, 2016
Postgame – vs. San Francisco

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase (transcribed by Michelle Stone)

(What did you think of Ryan’s [Tannehill] decision-making under pressure today?) – “He did a good job. I’m sure we want to get back that sack that we had there late in the game when we had a chance for a field goal. I think it was after [Kenyan] Drake’s kickoff return. That would probably be the only time. It was more the play call than anything. You heard that call come in. He’s turning away from Jarvis [Landry], coming out of his break, and the pocket collapsed on him. For the most part he made some great decisions. He got outside of the pocket. He saved us a couple of times, made some great plays on the move.”

(Were you surprised at how well San Francisco’s run defense held up against you? It seemed like they kind of sold out.) – “Not really. They’d been showing that with what we’ve seen on tape. That’s what we go off of. We don’t look at the rankings or anything like that. We just knew that we had a tough matchup and we had some new bodies in as far as guys trying to play together so far as chemistry goes. There were a couple of times where we may have had a couple of things that were just kind of click off. It’s something that we have to learn from. Guys being able to jump in there and play together…Jay [Ajayi] did a good job of sticking with his courses. He did a great job so far as trying to make some suggestions that he felt like he could contribute and gain some yards on.”

(With them controlling the running game, how important was it for Ryan [Tannehill] to have the type of day that he had today?) – “That’s what we were talking on the sidelines [about]. We noticed how they were playing early. We look at is as [being] a little disrespectful, as they didn’t think we could really throw the ball, so we thought that was something we wanted to lean on.”

(How comfortable – it looks like Ryan [Tannehill] is a lot more comfortable just doing everything out there – getting out of the pocket, throwing the deep ball, doing everything. It just seems like his confidence is getting better and better every week.) – “Any time you get in a new system, it takes a second to kind of get used to it. You have to go through some growing pains. Obviously we did. I think just the timing, the group being together, and the group being able to practice together, develop through some games, go through some rough patches, that’s just part of the process. The longer the season goes, the better you hopefully get. You just don’t want to go down. I don’t think we have. I think we’ve gotten better. This week was a tough week for us as we’re a little banged up again outside, so we didn’t get as many reps as we wanted to in the passing game. I thought the guys went out there and executed our plan pretty well.”

(There have been times where you guys have won and you haven’t been pleased. Are you pleased with the way your team played today?) – “I’m pleased with the way our guys fought. That was a tough game. I thought San Francisco really came out today as tough as anybody we’ve played. They had a great scheme. The defensive scheme was tough. Any time you go in there against Colin [Kaepernick] it’s tough. You are slightly wrong as far as what you’re rush scheme is. And if someone just makes the slightest error, he’s able to get into the open field. It’s tough. He’s a tough guy to bring down. He makes good decisions as far as when he is running, when to get down, when he can keep going. Then he made some really good throws on the move. It’s a tough offensive. You start getting a little bit of the up-tempo, the fatigue…there are a lot of factors that go in there when you play that offense.”

(San Fran has one play at the two-yard line to tie, fans are holding their breath – how do you experience that and the result?) – “The good thing for us is that every Friday we do a ‘last play of the game,’ offense versus defense. I feel like the defense has won the last seven weeks. I was like, if they don’t win this one, I’m going to be slightly upset because they drum us every week, so it was good to see. It was what they practice. It’s what they do every week. They do a good job of figuring out how to stop the offense on one play.”

(Are you starting to feel more and more about this football team that it’s becoming the complete football team that you’re looking for?) – “I think it was a good sign for us as far as if one side struggled on a series then the opposite side would try to get something going. The same with special teams where we’d allow a score and then all of a sudden we’d have a good return. It’s just that everybody is trying to pick each other up. That’s part of the team-building part of this, and that’s what our process is. That’s what we’ve been talking about since the beginning. Things haven’t always gone right and guys haven’t wavered. They’d just keep on working, they practice hard. It’s great to see our guys have fun at the end of the day. That locker room was excited because they understand that a win in this league is hard to come by. It’s about being 1-0 at the end of that week.”

(How about those three guys on the left side of the offensive line. It seemed like they held up extremely well.) – “That was not an easy thing to do. Just jumping in there and know you’re starting…they did a good job as far as the reps they got this week. Feeling what’s going on with the quarterback, the running back. You try to get that chemistry brewing as fast as possible. It’s not always an easy thing to do, but I thought our guys did a good job of wiring it in, staying on the details, and they fought. They fought for 60 minutes.”

(When you saw how they were playing defensively early, were you tempted to go away from the running game? You did – you had 17 passes, 16 runs at the half, I think.) – “My thought was, it’s always going to be stay with Jay [Ajayi] because as the game goes on, he wears on the defense. He’s a big guy who if he breaks loose of just one-arm tackle it can be an explosive play. A couple of times he came back and he was a shoelace away from popping a couple of these and there were a couple of situations where we felt like the passing game was the best call with what they were doing. So that’s why we leaned on him a little more today. When we start up next week, we reevaluate what’s the best thing to do for that week.”

(We saw Kiko Alonso make a few more plays today. What has he meant for the defense?) – “He’s been consistent all year. The energy level he brings, he works, like every team does, from the beginning of the week to Sunday. He’s been a great addition for our organization. He’s one of those guys where you’re glad he’s with you. We just love watching him play. The way that he hits and tackles, his ball skills are probably rare for a linebacker. He really plays with a passion for the game and that’s what you want all of your guys to have.”

(Any news on DeVante [Parker]?) – “We’re still in the evaluation stage right now. I know he fell on his back and his lower back just kind of locked up on him. We’ll evaluate that a little more. I’ll know more tomorrow.”

(Jakeem Grant – what about his status as a punt returner?) – “He’ll be back there next week. It happens. That was a good decision by [Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Darren] Rizzi as far as what he felt like we needed to do for the game. It’s just like everything else. You reload next week. You’ve got to just keep getting them better and just know what he can do when he gets into a rhythm. He pops one of those, no one will be upset.”

(You guys came to a decision…I think it was fourth down, I think it would have been a 57-yard field goal. You didn’t try to get them to jump.) – “At that time, it was fourth and…I don’t know what it was, forever, right? I mean, they’re not going to jump. That was my decision. I just felt like the way that [P Matt] Darr seems to come through for us – it was a good punt, I think he slipped on the play. We had a chance to pin them back there. I know it’s not really something that everyone looks at and loves when it’s a touchback, but I have a lot of confidence in him to put that thing inside the five.”

(Did any plays or passes of Ryan’s stand out to you? You know the calls, you know what goes into the decisions he has to make.) – “He made a lot of them because there are a couple of them that were really bad calls, and he did a really good job so far as making the play. It would have been nice to see if DeVante would have got the – that was a really, really good play. Anytime I see him move to his left and he starts to throw it downfield, I get a little nervous. But that was a great throw and he made a great catch. It’s just that his hand touched the ground first.”

(This team hasn’t won six straight games in 11 years. Is this significant?) – “We’re not looking at it like this. We just know our job is to win each week and now we’ve got to reload and we have another tough game coming up. We have to go on the road again and we’ve got to find a way to be 1-0 at the end of next week.”

Jarvis Landry – November 27, 2016 (Postgame) Download PDF version

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Postgame – vs. San Francisco

Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry (transcribed by David Norwood II)

(You guys were able to spread the ball around pretty evenly throughout the game, how proud are you of this wide receiver unit for you all to get involved today?) – “We knew it would come down to a game like this, and we’ll have a few more opportunities. We made the plays when we needed them. Kenny [Stills] stepped up big, Leonte Carroo came in when DeVante [Parker] went down, and scored a touchdown actually within the first couple of minutes of him playing. So it says a lot about this team, a lot about what we got going in.”

(You see Leonte [Carroo] go out there and get the touchdown the way he did, the first reception of the game for him. How proud of you are?) – “Man, extremely proud, just watching him come in, and the way that he’s worked to even have an opportunity to be the next guy up. For him to come in there, we don’t miss a step. Ryan [Tannehill] have the confidence to still go to him, being he’s a new guy going in there, and he made a play for us.”

(How important is it to remain a balanced offense when you know the running game is struggling like it was today?) – “It’s very important, it’s very important. Obviously we know there’s going to be games we may not be able to run the ball. We’re going to have to pass the ball like 30, 40 times a day. I love it, I love it. But at the same time, there are days we have to be more balanced. When it doesn’t permit, we have to step up and make plays in other areas.”

DeVante Parker – November 27, 2016 (Postgame) Download PDF version

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Postgame – vs. San Francisco

Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver DeVante Parker (transcribed by David Norwood II)

(You’ve been playing for this offense as far as being the guy who stretches the field, and kind of come back on passes if they’re a little bit off target, things like that.) –  “I feel good with that. Anything that helps out the team, gets the wins. It’s going to be out there.”

(Your last three games were so back injury aside today, you looked like pretty good. How have you been physically as far as being full speed, being able to leap, things like that.) –  “I’ve been feeling good. Just been getting treatment every day, come in early for treatment, I’ve been staying on top of that. I’ve been getting it done.”

(And then the play you landed on your back, what exactly happened there?) – “Just jumped up and landed on my back, my back was just hurting.”

(Were you able to come back, were you wanting to come back, or was it clear to you that you wouldn’t be able to?) – “I wanted to come back, but I just couldn’t.

Jay Ajayi – November 27, 2016 (Postgame) Download PDF version

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Postgame – vs. San Francisco

Miami Dolphins Jay Ajayi (transcribed by David Norwood II)

(What can you say about this team just the way the team has been winning – now defense, last week offense last minute?) – “Resilient, at the same time we definitely don’t want to put ourselves in those situations. We need to find ways to close out games better but we still find a way to win and that’s all that matters.”

(Been a bit of a struggle running the ball today, what was the difference?) – “Just got to go out there and get what you can get. They did a good job. They got good players over there. It’s tough but at the end of the day we got the win.”

(What’s it like seeing this team take on a six game winning streak? Seven hasn’t been done since 1985.) “It’s huge. We know the goal we want to get to at the end the season and we’re taking the steps to do that, winning these games, stacking them up so I think we have a really good mentality, good mindset, we just have to finish the year strong.”

Leonte Carroo – November 27, 2016 (Postgame) Download PDF version

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Postgame – vs. San Francisco

Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Leonte Carroo (transcribed by David Norwood II)

(Was that something you dreamed of growing up scoring an NFL touchdown and did it feel like the way you thought it would?) – “Of course, it’s everybody’s dream who wants to go to the NFL and soon as I got in there I actually thought there was a flag on the play or something. Because I actually looked back and I didn’t see anybody running towards me. I was like, ah I hope it didn’t get called back and then Kenny (Stills) was the first person to greet me in the end zone and he gave me a hug, and I was just very excited.”

(That made the score 31-14 at the time. It looked like it was comfortable as it turns out it was a big touchdown. Does it make it even more special?) – “That just goes to show you never know what can happen in this league. You have to continue to go out there and make plays and like I said just have that next man mentality, just go out there and finish. We did a great job, credit to the offense, defense, and special teams. We all worked off each other and played hard.”

(Seem like it’s been a while since you got significant action on offense, what were your emotions like when DeVante [Parker] went out and you went in?) – “Just go out there and continue to help the team, continue the success. The offense was rolling. Just because DeVante went down doesn’t mean that we have to stop as an offense or Head Coach (Adam) Gase has to be afraid to call plays my way. That’s exactly what we did, he got the ball in my hand and I was able to make a play.”

Kiko Alonso – November 27, 2016 (Postgame) Download PDF version

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Postgame – vs. San Francisco

Miami Dolphins Linebacker Kiko Alonso (transcribed by David Norwood II)

(First off, talk about that last play. What did you as you were tracking 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick down?) – “I was just sticking on my guy, and then it looked like he was going to take off and run, so it’s just vice tackle with me. I think it was me and Jelani (Jenkins).”

([You] made a couple of big plays today – the interception, the fumble recovery. Talk about your day today.) – “People are going to say I have a big day, but those … (Byron) Maxwell stripped that fumble, so that was a great play by him. I think it was (Bacarri) Rambo who broke that pass, which was a great play. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

(Talk about this turnaround – after this 1-4 start – where you guys are at right now.) “We’re just taking it one game at a time. We know that, obviously, it’s not going to be easy, and we just have to keep grinding.”

Cameron Wake – November 25, 2016 Download PDF version

Friday, November 25, 2016

Defensive End Cameron Wake

(You were always very selfless in being a team guy when you were coming off the bench earlier this year. But has starting again – obviously during the whole duration of the winning streak, it’s been five games it’s not new – is it fun for you, is it rewarding, is it fulfilling to be a starter after starting the year on the bench?) – “No.”

(It genuinely makes no difference to you whatsoever?) – “No. Winning is the only thing that matters. Never has being a starter… It makes no difference. Contributing to the game makes a difference. Winning the game is what makes a difference. Starting is kind of silly to me. Starting the first play of the game, what significance is that to the outcome?”

(Snap counts have been a discussion this year with you. Is there a certain level that you feel like energy begins to decline? If you get to 45, 40.) – “I don’t know the number, but I’m sure there’s a number there. That’s no different for any other football player on the planet. That’s just the nature of football. What that number is, I don’t know but I enjoy playing.”

(Have you felt the energy depleted at all at any point, late in the game?) – “Yes, for sure. My rookie year, I felt depleted – last year, this year, this game. I don’t know any player who plays with the same level of energy on the first play and the 85th play. I’m not different than any other football player.”

(With a guy like 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and the kind of athleticism he brings to the game, how much is edge setting and containment a priority?) – “It’s always going to be a priority. We’ve played some mobile quarterbacks over the season. Making sure we contain them is always going to be a high priority, but to change our focus, or to change what we do, that’s not going to happen either. We’re still going to attack, we’re still going to go after it, and you’ve got four, or five, or six guys at the point of attack. The goal is to get him on the ground. We’ve done our job in the past and I wouldn’t expect that to change this week.”

(When they have a designed run for the quarterback, how much of a challenge is that?) – “I would enjoy getting after him, and getting a chance to hit the quarterback. He’s running, it’s no different than any other guy who gets out of the pocket. Their veil that they have in there is now no longer in place. I think a lot of guys are looking forward to that. Whoever has the ball – running back, quarterback, wide receiver – on this defense, we’re going to attack.”

(Is it actually easier to stop a quarterback on designed runs as it is when a quarterback is not really … when it’s not scripted?) – “I don’t know if it’s any easier or harder. To be honest, he’s a good athlete. An athlete with the ball, whether it’s planned or not, their job is to try to get yards and make you miss and it is difficult football. That’s what it is, you’re playing against the best in the world, and he’s one of them. We’re also the best in the world. It’s just one of those situations where we’ve just got to do our job better than they do.”

(What would you say to DE Dion Jordan who returned to practice this week and looks like may have an opportunity in front of him still?) – “I’m a guy who is a large advocate of grasping the opportunities that you have. Obviously my story has been spoken about many times; but you have a chance, whatever it may be, you have to have a laser focus on taking that bull by the horns – whether it’s off the field, studying in the classroom – when that opportunity does present itself, you are going to have to be as ready as possible. I’ve spoken to him many times and I think he knows that. I wouldn’t expect anything but for him to be ready when that chance comes.”

(Do you see the same athlete in past years that you saw in DE Dion Jordan’s [first week of practice]?) – “We haven’t seen much, obviously, aside from a couple drills in practice. He knows the situation. Getting the opportunity to get out there I think is great for everybody – him and us as a team, as a defense, a d-line. Knowing him and knowing what he can do and what he can bring, he’s a tremendous asset. Again, I hope that he gets all the details worked out, whether it’s rehab – again, I don’t know all the stuff – but whatever he has to do to get back on the field, I think he’ll be able to help us.”

(Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph has talked a lot about talking to the defense about speaking truth to power and holding everyone accountable. Do you feel like that message of truth on every given play when you reevaluate things has helped this defense become what it is now?) – “Definitely. This is not a place for sugarcoating and feelings and emotions. It’s the reality. If you’re good enough on the play, you’re good enough. If you’re not, you’re not. You should want to hear that as a man and as a professional. When you do good, you should want to know about it. When you don’t do so good, they should be able to tell you. I think that from the coaches – and from other players as well – has been something that has gone on for weeks and weeks now. You have to be man enough to hear the truth and correct the mistakes you’ve made and move forward. I think that’s something, again – you said that coach has talked about it – but that’s the only way to be, and that’s the only way to be successful.”

(The 49ers coach Chip Kelly, he has this vast interest in nutrition, health and sleep and all those sorts of things. Coach Gase actually mentioned that he visited with him, talked about some of that stuff. Is there something that the Gase administration has brought in that you think is different or new or helpful in terms of helping the players have maximum peak effort?) – “We have a whole sports science department. Those guys are not really football gurus, but their whole job is to maximize your output on Sunday, whether it’s nutrition – we have nutritionists – sleep – we have guys come and talk about that – and even a guy who talks about max-load, and we wear a monitor. We have a lot of stuff going on, but at the end of the day, you’re a professional. You have to know what’s best for you on Sunday. Nobody can tell you more than you can tell yourself. Obviously, you guys know me, I’m a big advocate of all those things. I think those are untapped resources as a whole. We all go and lift the heaviest weight we can, and we run on Sundays, but are you going to bed on time so your body can recover? Are you putting the right things in your body? This is your vessel, so (it is about) making sure you put the right fuel (in) and don’t poison your body. Those (are) things that maybe guys don’t take advantage of, and we’re trying to make sure that we do that so we can gain those advantages on Sunday.”

(The whole thing about – it’s a bit of a cliché – but creating a winning culture. Do you look at that as a cliché or do you feel that that has happened here?) – “It’s to be seen. We got a lot of football left to play. I think, obviously, we have made steps in the right direction, obviously, with the way things have been going the last few weeks. I think guys will continue to get the confidence and notice that, ‘Listen, when I do X, this is what happens,’ or ‘This is what creates a win,’ or ‘This is what helps me feel better on Sunday, so that in the fourth quarter, I can go out and close out games.’ I think with that knowledge, hopefully the snowball gets going, and that’s where you get those things. But that’s probably a question you can ask me maybe at the end of the season. I look forward to this week, playing and putting another win in the column for the good guys.”

Jarvis Landry – November 25, 2016 Download PDF version

Friday, November 25, 2016

Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry

(We know that red jersey wasn’t your decision this week, right?) – “No, definitely not.”

(How are you feeling?) – “I’m good. (I am) taking it day by day, taking all the necessary things that I need to do to make sure that I’m as close to 100 percent (as possible) for Sunday.”

(Did you fight them on the decision to put the red jersey on?) – “No, I wanted to. I wanted to, but obviously, (we) just want to make everybody aware. Obviously, for me, when I get out there, my competitiveness takes over, and it would be silly to hurt it or whatever again.”

(Did you have to stop yourself at some point this week and remember that you’re wearing that jersey?) – “No. The coaches did a good job of reiterating that to the guys who were guarding me and who I potentially run past or something like that. They did a good job.”

(Was this the first time in your career [you’ve worn a red jersey]?)- “Yes.”

(Going back to LSU?) – “Yes, first time ever.”

(How much do your teammates give you crap about it?) – “They give me a little bit. But for the most part, they didn’t mind it.”

(QB Ryan Tannehill said that you used the word “fun” this week to talk about Head Coach Adam Gase’s offense. What do you think about Coach Gase’s offense that makes things fun?) – “The way that we attack teams, the way that we try to scheme on teams, and it allows every guy to be in a different spot. You can never really pinpoint … I can speak for myself particularly (not) being the slot (receiver) always. There are plays where I’m the outside receiver or the third guy inside. It gives you that free range to be put wherever, and it allows you to run a lot of different routes. That’s the best part about it.”

(When you line up across different parts of the formation like that, what kind trouble does that cause for a defense when they have to find you and have to locate where you are first and foremost?) – “It can be a problem. It can be a problem if they prepare for me to be the number two, and I end up being the number three. But obviously, those teams find ways to make solutions and adjustments. And that comes when other guys like DeVante (Parker), Kenny (Stills) – the way Jay (Ajayi) has been running the ball – those guys start making plays, and it allows them not to be able to do that anymore and then come back and start get it going again.”

(Would you call it a difficult offense to learn?) – “It is difficult, but we have great teachers. (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase is a great teacher. (Assistant Wide Receivers Coach) Ben Johnson and my position coach (Wide Receivers Coach) Shawn Jefferson – those guys are great teachers. This whole staff, they do a great job of making sure that everything is set and ready to go – every detail – when we get in here on Monday and Wednesday.”

(Is it terminology that makes it tough or a lot of details?) – “Things are constantly evolving. We don’t really do much that translates to the next game. We have a different game plan every game.”

(When we saw you on Sunday, you were having trouble walking because of the cramps. How was that flight home?) – “It was good. (I) got a couple IVs in me before we left, and they made sure they filled me up with water and Gatorade and stuff like that. The training staff, they took care of me.”

(How long did for that to subside? When did you start to feel better?) – “About to the plane. Probably when we got off the bus to get on the plane is probably the time I started walking straight.”

(Has cramping been an issue before?) – “No, not really. Not really.”

(And it wasn’t even that hot on Sunday.) – “No. I think it was the grass from the rain, and I was drinking less, because it wasn’t as hot and still running the same. So obviously, things happened there.”

(Obviously, you’ve been around for a while. What can you put that is the difference with this team as opposed to other Dolphins teams?) – “The mindset. (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase came in, and he’s trying to establish a culture here, a winning culture. When you go into games not hoping to win, but expecting to win, it breeds another type of confidence through the guys that take the field. We’re definitely extremely confident and motivated right now.”

(At what point was the first point you saw that difference?) – “The difference probably came after the Titans game. I think we got the bye (week) to self-reflect and look at what we have done. Being in a tough spot – obviously, a spot we put ourselves in – and looking back over it, we knew we had to try to take a different step. We started taking the right steps, and it has been working lately.”

(You mentioned that you had great teachers as far as teaching the offense and things of that nature. The guy is not here all the time, but Chris Chambers, what has he brought to the table whenever he’s out here with you guys?) – “He came in training camp and through OTAs, and he helped out a lot. He helped out a lot just with releases, technique catches – little things that made him special. My thing with him, he was a fun-loving guy, and he continued to push us. He took time out of his day to come and make sure that we were straight, and that says a lot about him.”

(When you talk about technique catches, what exactly?) – “Over-the-shoulder catches. A lot of the times, you look at receivers (and) they always leave the ball inside. That’s when DBs have the opportunity to make plays. So, technique catches, protecting that throw and catching over your outside shoulder. A lot of people don’t work on it.”

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