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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cornerback Bobby McCain

(On if he’s been with the first group so far) – “Yes. (I’ve been) inside with the first group. I’ve gotten corner reps as well.”

(On how exciting it is to get that opportunity to win that job) – “It’s a great opportunity. It’s just competition. Iron sharpens iron and I’m trying to do what I can for the team. (I’m trying to) do my best, whether it’s slot corner, safety, special teams … Whatever it may be, I’m going to do my best.”

(On what he’s looking to accomplish during these three weeks of OTA’s and how significant they are) – “These are big because we have no pads on, so (we’re) focusing on technique. (We’re focusing on) little things like eyes, the right steps to take and playing the coverage the right way. They go a long way right now because they carry over into camp. The more reps you take the better you’ll be so that’s big for me.”

(On how much more comfortable he is now than at this stage last year) – “I’m a lot more comfortable. I have a year under my belt so I got some playing time last year and you get to see it and now you learn. You live and learn and so you may make mistakes, but you learn from them. You do good things and you learn from those as well. (I’m) just trying to stay positive and be consistent in what I’m doing and that will take you a long way.”

(On some of the things he learned from last season) – “(I learned) football 101 stuff (and) just being smart out there on the field. (I was) just taking things from the classroom, the film room, to the field, and using them as such. When you are playing a guy like (QB Tom) Brady and (QB) Philip Rivers and all your great quarterbacks, you have to be a step ahead. It’s because they’re going to be (a step ahead), honestly. (I learned from) taking those small things and small details.”

(On if he thought that things began to slow down for him a bit last year) – “Yes, they did. They definitely did. At the beginning of last year, you’re wide-eyed, you’re big-eyed and everything’s going fast; but you calm down and you learn to play the game. It’s a game we’ve been playing our whole life and now towards the end of the year, things slowed down and things got a little easier. I wouldn’t say easier but things got a little … They didn’t come at you as fast.”

(On what stands out to him as a highlight from last season) – “We had a great win to last us, to end the year against the Patriots. That’s good team win – defensively, offensively (and) special teams. All three phases did their job. That was probably the highlight of the year for me.”

(On an individual highlight that stands out to him from last season) – “You make good plays and you have bad plays but individually, just playing and getting the plays and the starts I did. Being able to take those and carry them over throughout this year and being able to learn from those. Like I said earlier, to me that doesn’t sound like a highlight but that’s the thing I’m learning from. I wouldn’t call it a highlight but I’d call it something that I need.”

(On how much an opportunity to potentially start motivates him) – “It’s a great opportunity and you have to just live within the moment and play ball. If you’re going out (there) thinking numbers of who’s going to be here and who’s not, it’s not going to be any good for you. Just go out there and play ball. It’s a great opportunity. Like I said, competition makes everyone better. That’s what I’m looking forward to – going out, competing and winning ball games, to be honest.”

(On what he has taken from Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph in terms of technique and physicality) — “We’re going to play a lot of coverages and a whole lot of schemes so just knowing the defense and playing within the defense. (I’ve learned) just making sure your techniques are on point, regardless of what it is. Whatever defense is called, (we) just (are) making sure that you are physical. But at times, you don’t have to be (physical and) at times you need to be. That’s what I take from him.”

(On what the biggest difference for him with Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph)  — “Coach Joseph is a great coach. I still have my defensive backs coach (Lou Anarumo) from last year. Those two together, they’re really good coaches and they taught me a lot and they’re still teaching me a lot. You’re still learning. You can learn every day. You can learn something new. Coach Joseph is bringing things in that we haven’t heard and that we have heard. That’s probably what’s best for us, as a group, to hear things that we don’t know and that we do know, to reiterate.”

(On if he has sat down with the coaches and looked at plays last year that he defended) – “Yes, we sat down. We watched a little film and (learned) from it. (They’re) just making sure ‘Right here, use your eyes. (You) did a great job right here. (You) didn’t do so well right here.’ That’s the biggest thing – just learning. As a group we’re learning and we’re learning each other. We’re getting better every day.”

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Defensive Tackle Jordan Phillips

(On the expectations for himself this season) – “I feel like I didn’t (do) what I needed to do last year, so I really need to come in the league and prove myself.”

(On why he feels like he didn’t accomplish what he needed to last season) – “Just because there were a lot of expectations and a lot of stuff. I didn’t feel like I reached them the way I wanted to.”

(On what he plans to do differently this year to reach his goals) – “(I’m) taking a different mindset to it and really focusing on the little things.”

(On how last season can help him going forward) – “I needed to get a year under my belt, I think. It’s a whole different ball game coming from college and playing in the NFL, so I think that was it.”

(On the changes from last year’s defense) – “We’ve only had two practices, but we’re out there flying around (and) having a good time. We’re playing together. We have a lot more leaders. That’s nice to have people that should be leaders (who) are working (and) everything like that, so it’s fun.”

(On how DE Mario Williams’ play will positively affect the defense) – “It’s all the same around. If he’s playing hard – (Ndamukong) Suh is playing hard, I’m playing hard – then everybody is going to be making plays. We all feed off of each other. That’s the best thing about this defense is if we’re going, any four of us is going to make a play.”

(On DE Mario Williams playing at a high level) – “Oh, yes. He’s a freak. Freak of a man.”

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu

(On how difficult the past year and a half has been emotionally and physically) – “Over the last year there has really been ups and downs, definitely. Every single day you have to come ready to work and have to have the right mentality, because you have good days and then you have bad days. It’s kind of like everybody else. At this point, I feel like I’m healthy now and ready to go and (ready to) start trying to get better (and) get back to doing football stuff rather than doing rehab stuff every day.”

(On what went wrong in Cleveland) – “I think it was just something with new management. They wanted to go in a different direction, and I guess I wasn’t in that direction. They gave me every opportunity to get to another team and be able to compete here, and I’m happy I’m here.”

(On if there is a skill he had before his injury that may be slower coming back after the injury) – “I really think I’m starting to actually develop all of my skills back more. It’s more now just repetition and getting reps because doing rehab stuff is a lot more structured. You know you are doing 10 reps, but now you are doing … It could be 10, it could be 20, it could be 25 (reps). When you get to rep 25, you’re the same as rep No. 1, and that’s the kind of thing I’m battling right now.”

(On if he feels like he is the same player he was in college) – “I feel like I’m getting better. This is only my second day playing in almost a year and a half. I definitely have to learn the game all over again and get a feel for a new defense. But I feel like I’m not too far away from where I was, and I think it’s only going to get better.”

(On if the team has him working at both the slot and boundary corner positions) – “They have me working at both inside and outside. (I’m) just trying to learn everything and be a guy that they can play anywhere so that I can get on the field.”

(On how his change of direction is coming along) – “I think it’s coming along great. We’ve been playing a lot of press-man (coverage) here, so I think I’m doing really good in that. Like I said, it’s day two. It’s day two (for me) in a year and a half, so I feel like I’m at the lowest that I am right now and by the time we get to minicamp, I’m going to be where I need to be.”

(On if he has any nicknames in the locker room) – “I’ve always went by Ifo. That’s what everybody has always called me. Short and sweet. The guys in the secondary are pretty close for being only here for about a couple weeks. Everybody is cool and everybody wants everybody to get better.”

(On the defensive back group) – “It’s great. There are a lot of young guys, so you can definitely relate to a lot of them. You’re all working to do the same thing – compete and find a role on the team. I like it a lot. Coming from Cleveland where you had a lot of veterans to learn from, now it’s like everyone is together, and we’re all in the same boat, and we’re trying to learn together at the same time.”

(On how much the Pro Bowlers on the defensive line help the defensive backs) – “It definitely helps a lot scheme-wise. But at the same time, you just see how those guys work and how hard they (work), what they do to actually get to where they are to become Pro Bowlers. It really just motivates everybody on the team, not just the secondary. (You) see how hard they practice and they don’t have to practice that hard. They’re already established, and they go as hard as anybody else so it just motivates you.”

(On how he feels about there being a wide open competition for two starting spots) – “I think it’s great. As far as the secondary, everyone knows that every day counts. You’re not going to have your best day every single day, but at the same time, you know that everything is on film and as long as you are getting better, that’s all you can really focus about. You can’t worry about other people and what they’re doing. You have to worry about how you’re performing and how you can get better.”

(On how many operations he’s had and what doctors have told him about his long-term prognosis) – “I had two operations, both by the same doctor – Neal ElAttrache in (Los Angeles). At this point, he said that I’m perfectly fine and that he would have cleared me a couple months back but when I got to Miami, they wanted to make sure that I went through the offseason program and did all the stuff with the team before they decided to clear me. The doctors said that I’m perfectly fine and that he thinks that I just have to maintain it. Every day before guys get on the field, they’re doing some exercising and stretching for 15 minutes. I have to be out there 30 minutes early and do everything I can to make sure (I’m) ready to go every day. That’s the thing; you don’t want it to get stiff. You want to make sure that you keep moving every day and on your off days doing a little bit. But at the same time, (you want to) manage not doing too much.”

(On how he would describe his journey from the injury to where he is at now) – “You definitely get humbled a lot. You understand now what you need to do and now you’re at a different level – a bigger and better level. You realize how much you have to improve to be a player that they can trust and you learn, especially with the knee, how much (you) have to work to get to past the point that I was, because if I’m at the point I was in college, that’s not good enough anymore. You just realize that you get humbled and you understand what it’s going to take now.”

(On if his adversity has given him more appreciation for the game) – “Most definitely. (You’re) definitely more appreciative of what you get to do every single day. I mean, you get to play a game for a living. It’s an honor because there are a lot of guys that could have been in my situation wouldn’t be able to be playing right now.”

(On what the Dolphins told him they liked about him when they claimed him off waivers) – “They just said that they feel like, if I’m healthy, that I can be a guy that can help contribute and help the team win. That’s all it really comes down to. I mean, nothing is given. I have to go out there and perform or else I won’t be here, just like everybody else in the secondary. You have to make sure that you come out every day with the right mindset and remember that you can’t take this for granted, because you are one of the guys that are truly blessed to be in your position and you have to keep working every day.”

(On his strengths in college) – “I think instincts, for sure. Playing multiple positions, I can do that. I’ve always been a good press corner so I think I can do that, as well. I mean getting back to his point, (my) short-area quickness is coming back, and I think that can be a strength for me. But at the same time, right now, I’m really just working on trying to improve everything, because I want to get better, and I know that I’m not at the point that I want to be.”

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Defensive End Jason Jones

(On if he had any inclination the Dolphins wanted to sign him after he took his initial visit to Miami) – “At that time, I was just taking my visits. I took a few other visits, as well as Miami. So it was just that free agent process I was going through and just feeling out what spot was best for me.”

(On if the Dolphins told him on the second visit that they wanted to sign him later in the free agency period) – “It was nothing like that. Like I said, it was just the process that I was going through. (I was) just trying to find the best place for me and my family.”

(On if DT Ndamukong Suh tried to influence the recruiting process coming to Miami) – “No, there was no influence (from Suh) at all. (My decision) was pretty much based on taking advice from my family and my agent (about) the best football fit for me.”

(On what he brings to Miami’s defense) – “During my whole career, I’ve been a playmaker. I can play outside or inside, as well. Just playing hard – that’s what I was brought in to do. Just make plays and do my job.”

(On why this was the best fit for him) – “The atmosphere down here. (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase – to me – is a wonderful coach. I just feel comfortable. The feeling I have, my gut feeling, that’s what I went with.”

(On if he expects to play defensive end or defensive tackle) – “I think they are going to use my skill set at wherever (Defensive Coordinator) Vance (Joseph) wants to use me. I’m a defensive end and I’ve moved inside at times so whatever they want to use me as, I’ll be ready.”

(On how much pride he has to play both positions) – “That’s kind of where I started off at. When I was with the Titans, I started off inside. I didn’t play defensive end right away. To me, it’s just a natural feel for me. I did the same thing in college, as well. The more you can do to help out the team, the better.”

(On if it feels like there are some fingerprints from Detroit on this defense and if that is a good thing) – “I just know that from the first (defensive) meeting that we are going to be an attack-style defense. That’s what I’ve been in for most of my career. Playing with (DT Ndamukong) Suh and playing with (S) Isa (Abdul-Quddus) is just a bonus.”

(On if the team has given him any indication if he will start) – “Right now, and I’m telling you the truth, I’m trying to feel my way through the building right now. (I’m) just trying to find my way, get into the playbook and learn the defense as well. Right now it’s a learning curve for me. Even though I’ve been in the league now – this is going on my ninth year – it’s still a learning curve being on a new team.”

(On how many teams he picked between before signing with the Dolphins) – “I took visits with Dallas and Pittsburgh.”

(On if he felt Miami was the best opportunity for him) – “For me, it was just a gut feeling. I just felt good coming here.”

(On his thoughts of the defensive line group) – “Everybody knows that we have a really athletic defensive line right now with a lot of interchangeable parts. Of course those guys (DE Cameron Wake, DE Mario Williams and DT Ndamukong Suh) have been to multiple Pro Bowls. (I’m) just looking to play alongside those guys and doing my job out there to make their job easier.”

(On the benefits of having a deep rotation at the defensive end position) – “From a rest standpoint, if one person goes out then there won’t be a lack of production. It’ll still be a high, steady line of production. And just be fresh for the whole game and help each other out. (Those kind of defensive lines) are what I’ve been in for my whole career.”

(On the benefits of playing in a Wide 9 defense) – “To tell you the truth, there are a lot of defenses that work around the league. Being a nine-technique, it does have its advantages in the run game. It’s just about the players you have, how it is coached and how you go out there and play. It could be a 3-4 or it could be a 4-3, it’s just how you go out there and play.”

(On what kind of players you need for a Wide 9 defense to be successful) – “To me, it’s all talent. I think any player could probably play (in a Wide 9 defense), it’s just what that player has built inside and what coaches you have.”

(On playing for Asst. Defensive Line Coach/Pass Rush Specialist Jim Washburn for the third time) – “I started out my career with (Jim) Wash(burn in Tennessee). He taught me the right way to play. He’s had a lot of players in his lifetime that have gone on to make a lot of Pro Bowls and make a lot of money. Coach Wash(burn) prides himself in coaching. He loves teaching the game. For me, having him here is always a bonus. (Defensive Line) Coach T(errell Williams) is a great coach, as well. Having (Coach) Wash(burn) here is a good bonus.”

Ja’Wuan James – May 24, 2016 Download PDF version

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tackle Ja’Wuan James

(On if he lined up at tackle or guard today) – “Tackle. Right Tackle.”

(On if he thinks he will stay at tackle and if it matters whether he does) – “That’s the plan right now. But, like I said the day I got here, I’m trying to do what I can to win. Whatever they want me to do.”

(On what he thought when the Dolphins drafted G/T Laremy Tunsil) – “It’s always exciting seeing somebody get drafted and then it being a linemen and a guy coming in your room that can help us. So I was excited. I think everybody in our room was excited just because this added a guy, added a number. It brings out competition. It makes our o-line better. I think everybody was collectively happy.”

(On what his first impression of G/T Laremy Tunsil is) – One, he’s a strong kid. (A) good kid too. (He’s) trying to learn right now. He’s under me, asking me questions, BA (T Branden Albert), everybody. Just trying to really learn and head in the right direction.”

(On how he’s feeling health-wise and if he’s clear) – “Totally. I’m good.”

(On his goals for the season) – “I’m working day by day. I’m just out here trying to get better each day. As a team, we’re trying to do the same thing.”

(On if he feels 100 percent now) – “Yes, sir.”

(On if it was a tough process to go through) – “Oh, (it was) definitely a tough process. That was my first time being hurt in my life throughout my career playing football. It definitely was a tough process but that was the past so we want to focus on the 2016 season.”

(On how good can the offensive line can be) – “I think the sky’s the limit for us. Whoever (we put) out there, I think we’re going to do well. We just, like I said, working every day. We’re taking this thing day by day. We focus on the process and not the end result right now. Every day we go out there we try to get a little bit better.”

(On how Head Coach Adam Gase’s offense affects the offensive line) – “We love it. We saw it a little bit today when we’re out there going no huddle and the d-line starts slowing up, because they’re tired out there, gassed in the heat down here in Florida. So if we can get in good condition and we can learn this system as fast as we can and then play as fast as we can, it’ll definitely be an advantage for us.”

(On how it feels to just be back on the field) – “Great. (We’re) just out here playing football again, out there with 21 other guys playing football. (We’re) doing what we’re doing since we were kids. It feels good to be back out there competing.”

(On if he feels good about where he is after about a year and a half of NFL experience and if he sees room for a significant jump) – “There’s definitely room for improvement. A lot of room and that’s what I’m working towards right now. Like I said, every day I’m trying to get better at something.”

(On what the coaches have told him about his position and if he’s going to stay at right tackle) — “They told us that it is how it is right now. They haven’t really … not on scheme.”

(On areas to improve if there is anything in particular) – “Everything. It’s not just one thing that you could just be great at and say ‘I don’t need to work on.’”

(On how much responsibility the offensive line has taken for the offense’s struggles) – “We always take that responsibility because that’s our job. Our job is to open up holes for running backs and protect (QB) Ryan (Tannehill). And if we don’t do that, that’s seen and then we know it’s on us. We work hard every day to make sure that we can be as best as we can.”

(On if he’s excited for the season) – “I’m excited, especially after missing last year. This all feels new and fresh to me and I’m happy to be here.”

(On how he spent most of his time last season when he was injured) – “I used it to make myself mentally stronger, whether it was in the film room trying to get smarter (at) football (or) trying to learn (with) more X’s and O’s study because I couldn’t be out there on the field. I was watching extra film (and) working with our o-line coach back then (John Benton) and just doing a lot of stuff that I could do, whether it was in the weight room, whether it was anywhere. (I was) just (doing) anything I could to get better.”

(On if he’s talked to G/T Laremy Tunsil a lot) – “Yeah, I talked to him. Like I said, he reaches out to me. He’s a guy that wants to learn and I respect that about him and I like that about him. I really think he can help us.”

(On his expectations for the offensive line and C Mike Pouncey’s comments saying that this better be the best line that QB Ryan Tannehill has had in front of him) – “I agree. Everybody has another year under their belt and like I said, we’re working every day. We can’t see the future right now but we can work every day towards that future. We’re going to see.”

Tony Lippett – May 24, 2016 Download PDF version

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cornerback Tony Lippett

(On how far he has come from one year ago) – “It’s still a process. I still try to go out there every day and get better and learn from the veterans we have now, learn the system and learn from the defensive coordinator (Vance Joseph). So, it’s a process still.”

(On his comfort level at the cornerback position) – “I’m (more) comfortable than I was last year. Every day, I’m still out there working to try to get better and try to become more comfortable every day in practice. I’m feeling pretty comfortable right now, but there’s still room to grow.”

(On whether he is competing with CB Xavien Howard to be a starter) – “I don’t know. I’m just out there trying to get better every day, practice and) basically compete. You can never go wrong with competing. Competition is always good. That’s basically where my mind is at – competing every day.”

(On whether there is an opportunity to compete for a starting role) – “I can’t predict the future. All I can do is predict today and the next day after that. (I am) going to go out there and compete and let the marbles fall where they fall.”

(On whether press coverage suits his playing style) – “I would probably say I’m getting more comfortable with it every day. (Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph) harps on it every day as far as press (coverage). He loves it. He’s always in the DB (defensive back) meeting room. That’s what he wants to do, and that’s what, basically, all of us are trying to do every day – get better at that so we can understand his system more and compete at a high level.”

(On where he has made the most progress since last season) – “I would probably say I became (a) smarter corner as far as knowing … I became a little bit more comfortable with it (by) learning from last season and with all that happened and the players we had and things like that. I learned from them. I learned the schemes and basically learned the lingo of the cornerbacks a little bit more.”

(On where there is room for improvement in his game) – “Everything – every phase of my game, everything I can work on. That’s what I continue to do every day.”

(On when he stopped thinking about himself as a receiver) – “I’d probably say the day I got drafted. They told me I wasn’t playing receiver, so you have to convert right then and there.”

(On whether he still thinks about being a receiver) – “No, I’m kind of comfortable where I’m at. I like where I’m at.”

(On whether his size is an advantage as a cornerback) – “I would probably say it is. But at the end of the day, you still have to be able to do what the smaller corners do. You still have to be good with your eyes, good with your hands and things like that. That’s what I’m trying to do every day.”

(On how previously being a receiver helps him as a cornerback) – “It helps you. It helps me on the field as far as splits and separation and knowing how a wide receiver tries to create leverage against a corner and things like that. I try to use that. And it happens so quick (that) you have to really think about it in a split of a second and try to make something happen. That’s what I try to do out there.”

(On whether previously being a receiver has any drawbacks now) – “I’d probably say sometimes when …. I’d probably say when the ball is in the air or when he breaks and I turn around and look sometimes, because as a wide receiver when I broke, that’s probably what I did. I try to decrease that – decrease the habit of doing that – and try to get better every day.”

(On the biggest challenge of switching from wide receiver to cornerback) – “I’d probably say being patient. Being patient is a big thing. (Whether you are a) small corner, big corner, it doesn’t really matter. Patience is a pivotal trait that you have to have at corner. I try to work on my patience every day, work on my technique and compete.”

(On when he has to be patient as a cornerback) – “Being patient at the line of scrimmage. Being patient if that ball is not coming your way. Being patient as far as every phase of being a corner.”

(On whether his receiving background helps him when the ball is in the air) – “Yes, I’d probably say that. When the ball is in the air, I try to turn back to my receiver ways. At the end of the day, I’m trying to get the ball or deflect the ball or something like that. I’d probably say it helps me on the field somewhat.”

(On using his size to his advantage) – “I’m still learning. I’m still learning every day. I’m learning from (CB) Byron (Maxwell). I learned from watching film as far as corners around the league. I watch film a lot. I learn from (Byron Maxwell). At the end of the day – every day – I’m trying to become this big corner (and) use my strengths and understand what I need to do out there. That has always been my goal, and that’s what I try to do every day.”

(On whether there are other cornerbacks he models his game after) – “I watch a few corners. I watch a lot of people. It doesn’t really matter (whether they are) short or tall. I watch a lot of corners.”

(On the importance of lunging as a cornerback) – “I’d probably say the importance is not lunging, because sometimes when you lunge, you can get swept right on by and the receiver can be on top of you real quick. That comes with having patience, and that’s what I try to do every day is have patience and not lunge. When you get tired, don’t lunge just be technique-sound (and) at the end of the day, you’ll be in a good position if you do those things right.”

(On the 2015 rookie class and their contributions last season) – “We thought about it last year, but it’s a new year. We’re all trying to get better. We’re all probably a little bit more comfortable than we were last year. But at the end of the day, we’re going to continue to try to get better. We’re not known as the rookie class anymore. We’re all tight with each other (and) everything like that, but we all push each other day-in and day-out to go out there to compete and be the best. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Jarvis Landry – May 24, 2016 Download PDF version

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry

(On what he likes about Head Coach Adam Gase’s offense so far) – “The speed. The way that different guys get involved. We spread teams out. I think we’re going to be able to run the ball really well and also pass the ball.”

(On following up on his 2015 Pro Bowl season) – “Keep working. I think that’s the whole goal of OTAs and this offseason – to keep working, keep getting better, compete at a high level (and) focus on the things that I need to do to help this team to win.”

(On what the next level is for him and his game) – “(To) try to remain as consistent as possible (and) continue to push the envelope and use this time to get better, get my conditioning up and compete.”

(On whether there is anything he wants to add to his arsenal) – “I feel like for me, (there is) always room to get better no matter how much you’ve accomplished, what you’ve done or what you can do. For me, I’m focused on continuing to build on my strengths, finding weaknesses in the details of our routes, details of catching the football, assignments and trying to master them.”

(On whether he wants to play a part in the return game) – “For me, that’s totally up to the coaches. If they decide that I need to return, I will. If it’s situational, I will. But right now, I think we’re trying to focus on bringing guys like (WR) Jakeem (Grant) up, bringing guys like (RB) Kenyan Drake (up) and a couple others guys. (We are) bringing those guys up and seeing what they can do early.”

(On the wide receiver corps) – “I think right now, (with Wide Receivers) Coach (Shawn) Jefferson coming in, he’s pushing us in the right direction. He’s pushing our conditioning level. He’s pushing our attention to detail. He’s pushing us to compete. I think for us, (if) we continue to hammer at these things, come the season who knows what’ll happen.”

(On the impact the skill position players can make in this offense) – “We’re still learning. I think that’s the key. Right now, for us, (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase always talks about us playing fast. Until we can do that in OTAs, I don’t think we’re ready for a game. We have to continue to keep on building on the progress we’ve made so far, and that’s key.”

(On what he liked most about his 2015 season) – “Honestly, not to … I don’t want to say, ‘avoid the question,’ but that 2015 season is gone. It’s past me. It’s good to talk about what I’ve done in the past, but honestly, I’m excited about this season, excited about this offense, excited about this team. I want to move in that direction and not look back in the past.”

(On the impact of adding G/T Laremy Tunsil to the offensive line) – “I think we were the most-sacked team in the NFL last year, no offense (T) Ja’Wuan James. (laughter) But I think, for us, this offense will allow us to have a better quick game and do things and keep the quarterback upright. Obviously, when you do that, you have more opportunities to catch the football – we have more opportunities to make big plays – but it starts here in OTAs.”

(On what he does well playing outside receiver) – “Trusting my release. Talking to (Wide Receivers) Coach (Shawn) Jefferson walking off the field, that’s what he said I did a good job (of) today – trusting my release. For me, it’s attacking one thing a day. I think this whole entire week, I want to attack my releases, trying to find ways to trust it, finding ways to win at the line (of scrimmage), so (that) down the field it’s an easy catch.”

(On what parts of the offense suits him well so far) – “Absolutely. The beauty about this offense is (that it) puts guys in different positions to create mismatches. Everything about the league is about mismatches, finding those matchups. This offense allows guys like myself – guys like (WR) DeVante (Parker), (RB) Jay (Ajayi), the tight ends – (opportunities). It gives the quarterback opportunities to pick his matchups and pick the winning guy.”

(On how he feels earning No. 98 in the NFL Top 100) – “Honored and disappointed. I honestly was honored, but disappointed at the same time. I think any guy that isn’t No. 1 believes he should be No. 1. If not, I don’t want to play with team; I don’t want them around me. That’s just the way I see it, and that’s my competitive nature speaking out a little bit. I got a couple more years left. We’ll see.”

(On how players can become leaders) – “Stepping up, I think. I think stepping up … Not only that, (but) moving past the past. Coach Gase started with this (team meeting) room in doing that as you see (with) some of the pictures up on the wall. Leaders stepping up, being more vocal, holding yourself accountable first and then holding other guys to a standard. When we create that standard like myself, (T) Ja’Wuan James, (C) Mike Pouncey, (DT) Ndamukong Suh (and) all those guys are trying to do right now, I think we can lead this team in the right direction and hopefully be a Super Bowl team.”

(On whether he caught passes from QB Ryan Tannehill in the offseason) – “Of course.”

(On whether the receivers and QB Ryan Tannehill are ahead of the curve as a group this offseason) – “I think so. Obviously, you’re always a bit rusty when you’re learning something new. At the same time, when you get back and we come in early and then we get the first minicamp – I want to say – and he threw defenders out there, you always look a little bit rusty. But at the same time, I think we’re continuing to grow. We’re getting better constantly every day, every week. The film study that we get all together is really helping us a lot.”

(On learning the new offense) – “I can say this about (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase: (with him) being an offensive-minded guy, he’s a great teacher. He’s a great attention-to-detail guy. When he gets up here and gives his presentations, he’s very precise. He’s very attention to detail (in) what he wants. He usually marries a clip up with the picture. So, a lot of times we get the film to what we see before (a play). It allows us to be – for visual learners like myself – to be more precise in what he’s looking for.”

Laremy Tunsil – May 7, 2016 Download PDF version

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Guard/Tackle Laremy Tunsil

(On his allergic reaction last week) – “I actually found out what kind of fish it was. I think it was called Mahi Mahi or something like that. I had never had that before.”

(On whether he would try Mahi Mahi again) – “Never again. I can’t go through that again.”

(On what he has learned from this past week) – “You live and you learn. But, hey, I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to be with this team. I’m glad to be going through this weekend (and) get to meet the coaches, get to meet some of the players, get to meet some of the vets. Like I said before, I’m blessed just to be here.”

(On his rookie minicamp experience) – “It’s going great. Like I just told you, I got to meet some of the players, some of the coaches, some of the vets. Meeting some of the vets, those are the guys you’re going to be looking up to, so it has been pretty good. I can’t complain at all.”

(On how his draft experience will be tied to him) – “I’m not worried about that. Everybody (has) their own opinions. I’m the only one who knows what kind of true character I (have), and that’s for me to prove to everybody.”

(On the veteran players he has met) – “They’re like leadership. You have to look up to them (and they say), ‘Hey, you do this. You do this in the film. You do this on the field. You do this in the weight room. Just work hard. Give it your all.’”

(On his response to the advice of veterans) – “I’m going to listen to them, of course.”

(On whether he has experience at guard or right tackle) – “Wherever they put me, I’m going to give it my all. If they put me at quarterback, I’m going to do a seven-step drop back and throw the pass. If they put me at tight end, I’m going to catch the ball. Wherever they put me, I’m going to give it my all.”

(On lining up on the offensive line) – “Like I said, wherever coach puts me, it’s fine to me.”

(On whether he has played guard before) – “I have never played guard. But hey, it’ll be a new experience. I’ll even play center. Wherever you want me to play, I’ll be fine.”

(On the difference playing inside or outside on the offensive line) – “(They’re) big guys down there. (There) would be no difference. It’s the game of football. It’s mental toughness. It’s all a mind game. It’s physical toughness also. Everything is good. Wherever they put me, it’ll be fine.”

(On the last time he played a position other than tackle) – “The Sugar Bowl, actually, when I played tight end. When I caught that touchdown pass.”

(On his personality) – “I just like to be positive in any kind of way. I’m a laid back guy, a hard worker. (I) just want to put everything on the line for the team.”

(On what veterans he has spoken to) – “I’ve been talking to (C) Mike Pouncey a lot about film work and how to work and field stuff. (He is) somebody to look up to, somebody that can show me how to lead the way.”

(On moving on from his draft experience) – “It was in the past when it happened. I’m not looking at that (anymore). I’m looking forward (and) trying to help this team out.”

(On signing his contract) – “It’s not about the contract. I’m here to help the team in any kind of way.”

(On whether he wanted to finalize his contract quickly) – “I got it past me, so yes, it was nice.”

(On how good the offensive line can be) – “I think we (are) good. In my opinion, I think we’re awesome.”

(On whether he will stay in town following rookie minicamp) – “I think I’ll be staying here (after) the rookie minicamp, yes.”

(On his rookie season goals) – “I don’t have (any) ego whatsoever. I’m here to help the team in any kind of way. Whatever I can do to help the team, I’m here.”

(On wearing No. 67) – “That was the only number available. So hey, I’ll be rocking No. 67. I’m fine with that.”

(On whether he has worn No. 67 previously) – “No. It’ll be my first time. I’m cool with it.”

(On who was responsible for hacking his social media accounts) – “I’m here to talk about the Miami Dolphins.”

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