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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Safety Reshad Jones

(When we talked to General Manager Chris Grier last week, he sounded very confident this would get done. Was this a fairly painless process between you and the organization?) – “They kept their word. I’m glad it’s behind me. It’s a surreal moment. I’m excited to be back. I’m excited to be out there with my teammates.”

(Did you have an idea that it would be today? Was it the plan all along that it would happen today?) – “I kind of had an idea. I knew it would be by the end of this week. I wasn’t certain that it would get done today, but I had an idea.”

(How much was this weighing on your mind? As far as you, was this the No. 1 thing on your mind or No. 2 after the shoulder recovery?) – “I think my health is important. It is No. 1, so I wanted to get back healthy and I think I’m pretty much where I need to be. I’ve just got to keep working. (The) contract was probably my No. 2 priority; but I’m glad it’s behind me now. I don’t want to focus on too much. Nothing changes for me in terms of continuing to be consistent and go out there and help this team win football games.”

(How important was it for you to be among the top half-dozen paid safeties in football?) – “I think it was important. I put so much into this game. My hard work and dedication has paid off for me and I’m thankful. I’m grateful.”

(Can you update us a little more specifically on where you are physically?) – “I’ll be ready for camp. I’ll be ready for offseason programs.”

(Can you describe how you see the remainder of your Dolphins career going?) – “I wish I could tell the future but I do know I’m going to give it my all – like I’ve been doing –dedicating myself on and off the field to the game and to the Miami Dolphins. Who knows? I think I have a high ceiling. I just want to continue to be consistent and continue to show I’m one of the best safeties in the game.”

(How much have you followed what’s going on so far in free agency for you guys as far as acquiring TE Julius Thomas at tight end, everything’s that’s happened with Kenny Stills, with Andre Branch? I see the ‘New Miami’ out there. How confident are you about the future of this team and what do you think you guys can do next season?) – “I think our ceiling is very high. I think we’re building something special here. We have to give credit to our staff and (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase putting the right pieces of the puzzle together. I think it’s shaping up pretty well. We just have to continue to work, focus, put our head down and build off what we did last year.”

(Since we’ve seen you, former Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph has gotten a head coaching job and Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke has been promoted. What do you think about those two things?) – “I think Coach ‘V.J.’ (Vance Joseph) is well deserving of a head coaching job. Coach Burke is a great coach. I think he’s deserving of a defensive coordinator (position). I’m looking forward to playing a part of it.”

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