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Friday, March 10, 2017

Center/Guard Ted Larsen

(What drew you to Miami? How’d this happen?) – “I saw what they did last year and the style of offense they ran and how competitive they finished out the season, making it to the playoffs in the first year under (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase’s staff. I really felt like it was a team I wanted to be a part of.”

(How would you describe your style of play and your strengths?) – “I feel like I’m fairly versatile and that’s kind of … I can play right guard, left guard, center – wherever the team needs me – and I feel like I can play at a high level, at a starter-quality level. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses with pass blocking and run blocking. I feel like I’m fairly tough, smart and an athletic player.”

(This is a three-year deal? Is that correct?) – “Yes. That’s correct.”

(Where else had you looked? Where else was there interest?) – “There was all different interest. The thing for me is that Miami was a team I had been looking at and they … let’s say we kind of came and met in the middle. They were looking at me and I was looking at them. I thought it was a good place to go to compete and have a chance to go to the playoffs. This is where I ended up. That’s really all I’m focused on right now.”

(Do the Dolphins anticipate you playing right guard this year?) – “I’m just here to help the team and see. Wherever they want to put me is where they put me. I can play, like I said, right guard, left guard, center, at a quality level and I’m just kind of excited to get out and learn the system and compete.”

(What is your most comfortable position and what’s your comfort level at center?) – “My most comfortable position is the position that I’m able to play, that I’m given a chance to compete. Like I said, it makes no difference to me. I’ve played … I think I’ve started maybe 16 games total at center – maybe a few more, maybe a few less – something like that. But it’s fairly comfortable. I started the first two preseason games last year in Chicago at center. That’s my most recent center experience besides a couple of plays here and there last year where I had to fill in for injuries.”

(What do you notice about the scheme and what the Dolphins ask to do – ask that their offensive linemen to do – particularly in comparison to the scheme and style and assignments you’ve been given in the past?) – “I’ve had the opportunity to play for so many different offensive coordinators and different schemes and each team is unique and as I get here, I’m sure I’ll learn more about the scheme; but a lot of the stuff is also the same – your pass blocking, your run blocking. You may be asked to do it at a slightly different tempo or a slightly different angle, but I feel like Miami does a good job running, getting outside, running some outside zone, running inside zone. Like I said, a lot of teams do a lot of the same stuff. The little nuances and stuff is stuff that we’ll work on in the offseason. But I feel like it’s an explosive offense. They’ve got a ton of weapons and I’m excited to just kind of compete and help the team improve.”

(Is there any player or coach on the Dolphins roster where you have either a connection or relationship with?) – “There are a couple of guys. Anthony Steen, who played a little bit for the Dolphins last year, was on the practice squad when I was in Arizona. So I’ve got a little bit of experience with him. It was neat to watch him play last year and get an opportunity to start a couple of games.”

(I noticed you were born in Miami. How much of a homecoming do you consider this or do you consider yourself from other parts of the country?) – “I was actually … it said I was born in Miami since I got in the NFL, but I was born in Kansas and I just lived there briefly, and I grew up in Clearwater, Florida. I’ve played four years back in Tampa and now I’m coming back to Florida after a few years away, it’s exciting. Playing in Florida, it’s a different deal. The heat and the humidity is a challenge and hopefully you’re able to use that as a weapon against other teams. But coming back now with – I’ve got two kids and my wife – and we’re going to be able to enjoy, in the offseason, living near the water and taking advantage of that. For me, that’s awesome. Down here with the Everglades, Biscayne Bay, being able to enjoy that with my children is really important.”

(And you’re an outdoorsman or do you consider yourself an outdoors-type person?) – “Yes, absolutely – hunting, fishing, paddle boarding. I do really enjoy ,and that’s one of the things I’ve missed, is the fishing. I’ve still got my boat in Tampa so I’ve definitely missed that aspect of not being in Florida. Every day that’s – besides football – if you’re talking leisure, it’s definitely fishing.”

(What would you consider your career highlights so far?) – “I feel like as a sixth-round draft pick, being able to make it to  – this is Year 8. I feel pretty good about that. Mainly, as far as the team, I was in Arizona. We had two teams that went to the playoffs. The second year I was there, we went to the NFC Championship. As a football player, you’re measured by how well your team does. Any time you can make the playoffs is really important to me and I feel like that’s one of the reasons why I’m here. I feel like this is a team that can go to the playoffs and win and consistently go to the playoffs and have that chance to compete.”

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