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Friday, May 5, 2017

Cornerback Cordrea Tankersley

(We know it’s very early in the process, but how has your experience with the Dolphins and Head Coach Adam Gase been so far?) – “I’m enjoying it. We just got here, so we’re still learning a lot of things; but I’m just loving this atmosphere, loving this facility. I’m just happy to be here finally.”

(How do you think you would best be utilized with the Dolphins? Is it mostly man-to-man? Things like that? What would play best to your abilities?) – “Whatever the coaches ask. Like I said, coming from Clemson, I played a lot of man, but whatever the coaches want me to do, that’s what I’m willing to do. Obviously, we probably do a lot of different things and stuff, but I’m willing to adjust to.”

(What jersey number did you get?) – “I have No. 30 right now.”

(What number do you like?) – “I want something in the 20s, but if I have to take 30, that’s what it is. (laughter)”

(What do you feel like your strengths are? What do you think you bring to the table and what do you want to improve on?) – “Of course, I consider myself as a man corner, a hard-nosed corner; but I think I can adjust well to playing off in zone and stuff like that. Of course, there is a lot of technique-stuff I would love to clean up. That’s why I’m here. We’ve got the coaches that can help me improve on that.”

(Did you get a chance to meet CB Byron Maxwell yet or talk to him at all?) – “I talked to Byron my first day here – yesterday. We talked for a little bit. He’s just happy for me to get here. (I am) ready to learn after him and ready to compete with those guys.”

(Did he thank you for the 2017 Clemson College Football Playoff National Championship?) – “Of course! (laughter) He asked did I bring the ring. When I came on my top 30 (visit), he saw it. He acted like he had never seen it before when I got here yesterday. (laughter)”

(What was it about your experience at Clemson – making two championship games, winning one – that taught you about the process of being a winner and what it takes to win a championship?) – “(I think) hard work (and) just always being prepared, not taking (any) game for granted (and) going out and competing every week. I think we found each other after we lost that game against Pittsburgh and everybody was wondering how we were going to respond that next week. I think it’s a lot (about) how our team responded every week in and out. We came and competed and won a national championship.”

(What have been your first impressions of Head Coach Adam Gase?) – “I love Coach Gase. (He has) a lot of energy. He wants the best for his players, obviously, from watching him and being around him. Obviously he’s a young coach, but he brings a lot of energy to the staff.”

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